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Pianist & Alexander Technique Practitioner

I have loved playing the piano since I began to learn at the age of seven. When I left school I studied for a degree in Music and Religious Studies at Leeds University, and after completing my PGCE to enable me to teach in state schools, I gained my piano teaching diploma from the Royal Academy in London. 

I have taught piano to all ages of children and adults for many years, and enjoy meeting the individual wherever they are in their own musical life. I have also found great pleasure in playing with other musicians, whether accompanying for examinations or playing duos or duets. 

I am now also a trained teacher of the Alexander Technique, and teach this to individuals from all walks of life – including musicians. For more information about this, please visit the website www.pamelastreet.co.uk.

I feel fortunate to be able to perform as a pianist, and to teach both piano and Alexander work.

If you would like me to accompany you for an exam, please contact me direct on the email address below. Normally one or two rehearsals are sufficient, but you can book more if needs be. Fees are individual and will be discussed and finalised at the outset. I can also help with aural test practice if necessary.