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A minimum travel cost of £5.00 is charged in addition if lessons are taught at students home.

I am not VAT registered, so there is no additional charge for VAT.
All lessons during term time are charged in advance and can be paid for by cash, cheque or bank transfer. 

Lessons during other periods are paid for in situ or as arranged.

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'CELLO & MUSIC THEORY 15 minutes £9.00 For very young beginners, between the ages of 5 and 6 years old. 
'CELLO & MUSIC THEORY 20 minutes £12.00 This is a usually enough for young beginner 'cellists. 
'CELLO & MUSIC THEORY 30 minutes £18.00 This is about the right length for older beginners, adult beginners or youger 'cellist who have had lessons for about a year. 
'CELLO & MUSIC THEORY 45 minutes £27.00 For students who have been learning for about eighteen months or are about Grade 3 standard. 
'CELLO 60 minutes £36.00 These lesson times are for advanced students, usually Grade 5 upwards. 
INSTRUMENT HIRE Per Week (including holidays) £5.00  Hire is charged per week and billed per teaching period including the subsequent holiday period, ie. 1/2 term, Easter holidays etc. I have a few 1/4 and 1/2 size 'cellos that can be hired. Please see the attachment below for Terms & Conditions. 
CONSULTATION Various £10.00 This is just a short session to see if we can work together, so it is useful if you have prepared a small piece to play to me. 
Showing 7 items
Sean K. Gilde,
28 Jan 2018, 05:02