Terms & Conditions


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1.   A minimum number of ten lessons will be provided and charged for per term or teaching period. Some terms or teaching periods can be longer than ten weeks. If at the end of the term or teaching period, the charged for lessons have not been provided, the outstanding (charged for) lessons will either be rescheduled, owed (without additional charge), or refunded (see paragraph 6 / 6a / 6b & 7).

1a. The exact number of lessons possible for each term or teaching period, will be reflected on the Invoice issued at the beginning of each term or teaching period.

1b. Lessons arranged during a ½ term and school holidays, will be charged for on a lessons by lesson basis unless they are designated as rescheduled or owed.

2.   The cost of lessons is £17.00 per half hour or pro rata.

3.    A bill will be issued at the start of each term or teaching period for lessons to be provided during that term or teaching period. All lessons are to be paid in advance.

4.   All bills must be settled by the due date or lessons may cease until all payments have been made. Timetabled lessons that have been withheld due to none payment will be charged for and not made up. The notice-period will still apply (see paragraph 7).

5.   A lesson missed by the Mr. Gilde will either be rescheduled owed or refunded.

6.   A lesson missed by students without notice (see paragraph 6a), will be charged at the full rate. It will not count as owed, be refunded or rescheduled.

6a. If four days notice have been given, lesson missed by students will where possible be rescheduled. If this is not possible they will count as owed or be refunded.

6b. A lesson missed by students due to illness, will where possible be reschedule. If this is not possible, they will be charged for at the full rate and will then not count as owed and will not be refunded.
7.   To discontinue lessons, notice must be given in writing, one term or teaching period in advance, or the next term or teaching period will be charged for at the full rate.

Revised September 2017

Sean K. Gilde,
28 Jan 2018, 05:04